5 recommended Cafe around Lake Toya in Hokkaido! Cozy cafe&restaurant

Lake Toya is located in southern part of Hokkaido. It’s a volcanic caldera lake in Shokotsu-Toya National Park. We call Lake Toya “Toyako”. Toyako is popular destination for tourist. You can see a beautiful scenery and fireworks in summer.

Toyako Hookaido in Japan
Lake Toya

Toyako has a few islands around lake. You can take a cruise and land in small main island “Oshima”. This island has a beautiful nature such as forest of giant spruce and wild deers. You can enjoy walking around impressive forests!

Toyako also has cozy cafe and restaurant around town. I visited several cafe and restaurant last year so I introduce the place where I like.

Cafe Lake Toya

Cafe Lake Toya is nice spot for coffee and light meal for lunch. Meal is coming with locally grown fresh vegetable. Food menu is French style such as galette and quiche but there are also has Fried chicken plate, curry rice and hashed beef.

Vegetable galette

If you are looking for small place to feel comfortable with tea and coffee, Cafe Lake Toya is the best place to visit. It’s located near Toyako so you can also enjoy scenery.

cafe Lake Toya
cafe Lake Toya

Open: 11:00〜16:00
(Close: Monday&Tuesday)
Address: 127 Toyatyo, Toyakotyo, Abutagun, Hokkaido


Hydune is a small burger shop in Toyako. They serve delicious burgers and finger food. Here is a good place to have hamburgers and cold beer. They have not only burgers menu but also wide selection of drinks menu.

Asparagus and Mozzarella cheese

Hydune has a wide variety of burger menu such as teriyaki chicken, Hokkaido mozzarella, fried egg and jalapeño pepper. Buns used for burgers are homemade. Mozzarella cheese is 100% made in Hokkaido.


Open: 11:30〜19:00
Address: 70-6 Toyako onsen, Toyakotyo, Abutagun, Hokaido

Sangaku Kissa

Sangaku Kissa is small cafe in Toyako onsen street. Their speciality is home roasted coffee and homemade cake. They also serve food menu such as curry, sandwich, and gratin.

Spicy Curry

If you want to have lunch around Toyako Onsen Street, Sangaku Kissa is a good place to fill the stomach with tasty food. The meal they serve is very filling and delicious.

Sangaku Kissa

Open: 10:00〜18:00
(Close: Thursday )
Address: 54 Toyako onsen, Toyakotyo, Abutagun, Hokkaido  


Cohum is little cafe located near lakeside. The cafe is very peaceful and quiet place. There is around 10 seats inside. You might have to wait for a long time because only one staff run it.

Chicken dish

They only serve a few kind of dishes special of the day and limited per day. Their lunch dish is coming with seasonable vegges and fruits. They also have tasty homemade cake.


Open: 11:00〜17:00
(Close: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)
Address: 194-1 Toyatyo, Toyatyo YoyKotyo, Abutagun, Hokkaido 

Lake Hill Farm

Lake Hill Farm is gelato shop which is well known for its variety of gelato and excellent rich milky taste. They serve about 20 selection of jelato such as pumpkin, black sesame, milk tea, corn, coffee, and cookies&cream.


Lake Hill Farm is a bit far from Toyako so you have to get a bus, take a taxi or drive a car. However, going there is worth it especially in summer. They also have cafe serving lunch and desert. You will enjoy staying there with beautiful scenery and tasty food.

Lake Hill Farm

Open: 9:00〜17:00 (winter)
Address: 127 hanawa, Toyakotyo, Abutagun, Hokkaido 


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